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Thread: Can this site be more like Tiger Droppings?

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    Default Can this site be more like Tiger Droppings?

    I think your the administrator of this fine website. How hard would it be to update to a new format? I'm sure you are familiar with tigerdroppings.com, and I was just wondering if that content was exclusive to them and dawgrant.com or if you could get you hands on it as well. I find it just makes everything flow better and makes things much easier to read. I look forward to conversating with many of you thoughout the year. Good luck to the cajuns this year and Geaux Tigers!!!

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    Default Re: Turbine

    We fishin in the same hole this site needs an upgrade.

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    Default Re: Turbine

    Try clicking the 'RAGE PAGE' button near the top of every page.

    It makes new content flow better than any site you have ever been on.


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