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  1. We are LOUISIANA
  2. 1984 University of Louisiana name change (court case)
  3. Let's look at it 2 ways
  4. Use of "UL" is a dead end but LOUISIANA . . .
  5. LAF is the abbreviation for the Lafayette in Indiana
  6. I Love UsL
  7. name the track field
  8. The Battle for a Name
  9. University of Louisiana System
  10. Expect local coverage to improve at the Advertiser
  11. A University By Another Name
  12. Name Game
  13. Louisiana Law on Naming Buildings
  14. Establishment of New Iberia Educational Center Nixed
  15. Establishment of McNeese and ULM
  16. The aversion to using ULL
  17. advertiser poll about name issue
  18. 2004 - Advertiser Official Editorial on across the board UL name usage
  19. University Fights For Identity ... Students weigh in
  20. With the Daily Advertisers new commitment to UL, are you more likely to subscribe?
  21. UL name game
  22. University of Lafayette
  23. Why they call us Lafayette
  24. One of the Oldest references to UL being the University of Louisiana
  25. "Alfred and Helen Lamson Lady Cajun Softball Park"