Dwayne Mitchell looked ready for the season and Michael Southall showed flashes of returning to his former self Saturday morning when the Louisiana Ragin' Cajun men's basketball team held its first full-length full-scale scrimmage of fall practice.

Mitchell finished the 90-minute session at Blackham Coliseum with 21 points and 13 rebounds, hitting eight of his 12 shots.

He led the squad in both categories in a session that showcased some of the Cajuns' offensive talents, and to coach Robert Lee showed his team's defensive struggles.

"Our defense is not near where it needs to be," Lee said. "You've got to remember that we have some talented offensive guys and that can make it hard on defense, but we've still got a lot of work to do there."

It was the first time the Cajuns went 40 clock minutes (running time in many segments) since practice opened Oct. 15, and for Southall it was his longest on-court scrimmage session in over 30 months.

"I felt really good," said Southall, who had 11 points, five rebounds and two blocked shots. "I really didn't get tired ... I didn't want to come out."

Southall worked in a black-shirted unit that included returnees Mitchell and Chris Cameron and newcomers Ed Turner and Lucian Pesoli at the start and later worked in Maurice Barksdale and Ross Mouton at the guard slots.

"It's the longest we've gone yet," Lee said, "so I anticipated we'd hit the wall pretty quick. When we did, we hit it mentally and physically."

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Dan McDonald