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Thread: UL Homecoiming Queen Q & A

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    Ragin' Cajuns UL Homecoiming Queen Q & A

    The celebration of the University of Louisiana's Homecoming wouldn't be the same without a queen and her court to lead the party.

    Each student on this year's court is a senior in her final semester at the University of Louisiana. In the following years, they'll be the ones coming home. This week, they've shared their school spirit with all of Acadiana, making public appearances to invite fans to festivities and stirring up pride in the community.

    Reporter Marsha Sills asked the queen, Christal Grogan, and her court a few questions about their Homecoming week experience and their plans for the future.

    Homecoming Queen Christal Grogan, a senior in biology, was nominated by Ragin' Jazz Dance Team. She is the daughter of Ray and Elizabeth Grogan of Lafayette

    Question: Who is your favorite Ragin' Cajun?

    Answer: Myself, because I represent my school. I have pride in my school like everyone should.

    Q: What's been your memorable Homecoming moment so far?

    A: So far, it's been the kick-off party, because I had so much fun dancing. It was my coming out as queen.

    Q: Finish this sentence: There's no place like home and ...

    A: UL.

    The rest of the Q&A

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    Default Re: UL Homecoiming Queen Q & A

    School spirit is alive and well.

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    UL 1984, 1999 . . . . Re: UL Homecoiming Queen Q & A

    She's a great girl and loves UL. I used to work with her, and we talked about UL sports while we were at work together.

    Quote Originally Posted by ATXCajun
    School spirit is alive and well.

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