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Thread: UL (36) vs. FIU (31) FINAL

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    Default Re: UL (8) vs. FIU (7) 11:39 2Q

    Quote Originally Posted by raginWaldo View Post
    We can try to get the whole crowd involved and watch it go around the whole stadium and shout ...."whhhooooOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA" then sit back down and wait to do it again.
    That's what they all do Waldo. I am UL... I am superior. I will develop a formula for which person in which seat should stand in what sequence and at what time and transfer it telepathically to our Saturday crowd. It will appear random... and perhaps even synchronized with concession and bathroom visits... but you will know that it's my mastery over human ups and downs.

    Watch carefully... it will be a spectacular event. The only person I suspect I will not penetrate their neurological function... is BandWagon King. His neural network appears to be preoccupied with upsetting his neighbors and arguing with stadium security.

    You will also note... that all people not wearing vermillion and white... will be shoving their cranium, deeply, into the third tract of their lower intestine... that is not "my mind over lesser species"... that is just what those people do.

    Be loud and proud Waldo. It's going to be fun.

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    Default Re: UL (8) vs. FIU (7) 11:39 2Q

    I think I saw this in the movie inception. You were awesome in that movie J1M

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