Louisiana's Ragin' Cajun wide receivers are short on experience but long on talent this fall.

While senior Bill Sampy sits out the first week of training, a stable of swift hopefuls are chomping at the bit to be the impact player on the other side of the formation.

"It's a fight," receivers coach Brian Crist said after Thursday's practice. "When we're running our plays, they're not standing around in the background. They're trying to get in there.

"That's a little bit of a problem when I'm trying to get a look at certain guys, but I'd rather have it that way than have someone who doesn't want to be on the field."

The pre-camp depth chart listed Jordan Jackson, Ray Givens and Kevin Robbins - all three sophomores - on the two-deep with Sampy.

Joining the action are newcomers Derrick Smith of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Jason Cherry of West Palm Beach, Fla., JC transfer Corey Frederick, Phillip Nevels of Dallas and Teurlings Catholic product Luke Aubrey, among others.

All of them are trying to catch the coaches' eyes with their talent.

"Derrick Smith is good, and I like Corey Frederick," head coach Rickey Bustle said. "Cherry is fighting the ball a little bit right now, but, man, is he quick. It's good to see our skill people have skill."

"Without praising them too much, they're all doing a very good job," Crist said. "They've got God-given ability and they're trying very, very hard. So we can just coach their skills, teach them what they're supposed to do.

"Also, the ones who are coming back are so much better. But Jordan Jackson is our oldest one out here, and he's just a sophomore. Right now our sophomores have to be our leaders. They're going to make mistakes, but as long as they make them (going) 100 m.p.h. it doesn't bother me."

Sampy will add veteran savvy when he returns from a disciplinary suspension, but his absence also helps the new receivers get more opportunity to shine.

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Bruce Brown