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Thread: Good Luck today Cajuns!

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    Default Good Luck today Cajuns!

    When I arrived at work today (here in downtown Nashville), our security guard was running off people that were trying to park in our parking lots, and has been doing so since 6:00 this morning. It seems everyone is trying to get an early start on this game.

    Good luck against Louisville!

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    UL Basketball Good luck!!

    Good luck tonight cajuns. I hope somebody from our state can represent us in a more favorable fashion in the NCAA tourney! Geeez, I'm not into coach bashing, but I've felt all along that JB was a "quick fix" hire for our basketball program. I hope Skip take a looooong hard look at where the program is and where it's heading. I know we are not a basketball school, but c'mon, there has got to be better out there other than JB. He is a media nightmare, and the kids despise him!
    OK, this is your board, enough of my ranting. Best of luck to you guys vs. Louisville. I've never had cardinal for lunch, but knowing you guys, I'm sure you guys can spice it up in someway! .

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    yup, it wont be difficult to justify a Brady firing! It isnt as if he is apart of a MidMajor program that gets his team to the NCAA. He is in the SEC and cant get past the first round of the tourney...see ya!

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    Impressive win by the ASU women over MSU...congrats and good luck for the rest of the WNIT.

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