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Thread: Thanks for Track Reunion

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    Default Thanks for Track Reunion

    A special thanks for Dr. Ed. Dugas, Claude Revels and everyone that made the 2nd Track and Field Reunion possible. Once again, it was great to share time with former athletes, trainers, and coaches that are part of our championship tradition.

    If there is anyone that is a track and field alum that has not yet joined the facebook page for UL T & F please do so as soon as possible as we are building for future celebrations and the future of the track program.

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    Track & Field Re: Thanks for Track Reunion

    I bet that was fun.

    I wish there had been a press release, I would have taken pictures of T&F "reunion" instead of tennis. Although I had a blast watching tennis.

    I went back and found a single line mentioning it on AN from the week Gabby hit .850 link. I missed it.

    Since I'm not a track alumni I wasn't aware of the facebook mention.

    My loss.

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