The University of Louisiana's teams are called the Ragin' Cajuns, but it might not be too long before the women's soccer team at the Lafayette, La., school renames itself the Ragin' Vikings.

Lucas defender Grace Howell-Harries and midfielder Sam White are heading there this year on full scholarships and Kayleigh Thomson committed for 2012.

Howell-Harries and White, both 17 and with the London Grphons, were recruited by UL coach Scot Wieland at tournaments. Wieland knows Gryphons coach Aaron Lauterbach.

"He's told us where we're going to play and what our roles will be," Howell-Harries said. "We're just going to have to go in there and work our butts off over the summer to get ready."

White, who committed after Howell-Harries despite initiating her recruiting process in Grade 10 she looked into or was contacted by 19 schools said having a friend there is a bonus.

"It'll be a lot more comfortable, although we won't be allowed to room together. It's one of the rules, but it will still be a comfort to have a bit of Canada there."

And the campus is something they both fell in love with.

"There's a real homey vibe" Howell-Harries said. "You are leaving home, but it feels like you're coming to a new one." State.

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