An exhibition that celebrates the buildings that have received the American Institute of Architect's 25-year award is circulating the country and Louisiana's College of the Arts is the first stop on a year-long journey.

The Octagon, the museum of The American Architectural Foundation, started the exhibition. Structures like Rockefeller Center, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and Dulles International Airport stand out in the American landscape, capturing our imaginations and altering the way we think and live. The 25-year award acknowledges the relationship between architect and client and celebrates the relationship of building to community.

The exhibit will be on display in the College of the Arts Dean's Gallery on the second floor of Fletcher Hall. It opens Sept. 16 and remains in view until Sept. 27. Gallery hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Admission is free to the public.

After the exhibition closes at Fletcher Hall, it will be moved to Dupre Library where it will be available for viewing during normal operating hours. It will remain at the library until Oct. 11.

For more information, contact the College of the Arts at 482-6224.

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