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Thread: "Teamwork Makes the Dreams Work" ( RCAF 2011 Slogan )

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    Ragin' Cajuns "Teamwork Makes the Dreams Work" ( RCAF 2011 Slogan )

    The RCAF website has been updated for 2011.

      Yearly investments in the Ragin' Cajuns Athletic Foundation's Annual Fund are investments for success present and future. Just as successful retirement plans and savings accounts need planned, regular investments to grow, UL Athletics requires the same type funding from its' fans and alumni.

    The Future is now, and by making annual investments in the RCAF you will become a Stakeholder in Ragin' Cajuns Athletics and help provide the financial resources necessary for UL to succeed in today's highly competitive intercollegiate sports arena. Ragin' Cajuns student-athletes represent our University and the greater Acadiana community by gaining daily exposure in local, state and national media. Through your yearly annual investments, you are giving UL the ability to recruit and retain high-quality coaches and student-athletes.


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