By Andy Brown, The Messenger

The changes continue for Movie Gallery Veterans Stadium.

Last season, Troy University unveiled their AstroPlay surface and will premiere new end zones and center logo when the Trojans hit the field for the 2004 home opener against Missouri Sept. 9.

The work on the field is being done by Pro Grass.

The changes were brought on by the university's name change, which became effective in April.

"The change to the end zones and the center of the field have everything to do with the name change," Senior Associate Athletics Director Scott Farmer said.

"It has absolutely nothing to do with wear to the turf. The field itself would have been fine."

The end zone replacement is expected to be completed in time for Charles Henderson High School's season-opening game with Highland Home on Aug. 27.

"The work on the end zones is going to be completed by the end of the week," Farmer said. "Everything will be in place in time for Charles Henderson's game this week. There won't be any disruption of games."

Work on the new Troy logo in the center of the field, along with the Movie Gallery logos, will begin following the CHHS game.

"We're going to wait until after Friday's game to replace the logo in the center of the field and the two Movie Gallery logos," Farmer said.

"Again, that should be completed by the end of next week, and will not interfere with any games."

The new end zones will be cardinal and the word "Trojans" will be in both end zones.

The work on the field has also not interfered with the Trojans' practice schedule.

"The guys working on the field have been great about letting us get some work in on the field away from where they are working," Troy head coach Larry Blakeney said.

"The hard rain we have had the last couple of days forced us to move into the stadium, but the work on the field wasn't a problem at all. The rain ran the guys who were doing the work off, and we got in there and got some practice in.

"The main reason we moved into the stadium was just safety reasons. With all the rain, and the tight boundaries around our practice field, we felt like it would be best to move into the stadium and make sure we didn't get any of our guys hurt. It's just tough to get much 11-on-11 work done on our practice field with the boundaries being so tight."

The Trojans set up an end zone on the 20-yard line for last Saturday's scrimmage.

"We were able to get done what we needed to get done," Blakeney said. "It wasn't a problem at all."