Football - August 27, 2004
MT Media Relations

ANDY MCCOLLUM ON FRIDAY MORNING PRACTICE: "We had a good, physical morning. The tempo was high and we had a good middle drill. It was good to get the heat on us. Through this camp, I think the defense got better. We had a breakdown this morning that can be corrected.

"We are still at that point of talking about our season, not just one game. We are working to get better for the season ahead of us."

ANDY MCCOLLUM ON DEFENSIVE ATTITUDE: "This is practice and the defense has been good, at times. Defense is something that you don't talk about what you are going to do. You go do it. We are playing top-notch offenses and it's important this defense continues to have an attitude and works to improve each day out."

7-ON-7 STATS: Following are some statistical numbers from this morning's 7-on-7 passing drill - QB Josh Harris (9-of-12) and QB Clint Marks (6-of-6) ... Chris Henry (4 catches), WR Lee Baker (2 catches), Kelvin German (2 catches), Pedro Holiday (1 catch), Cleonnard Saintil (1 catch), Stephen Chicola (1 catch), Ralph King (1 catch), Linnie Yarbrough (1 catch), Jerrn Holt (1 catch), Walt Bell (1 catch).

WR WALT BELL ON CAMP: "It's been a tough camp, but a real productive camp. I think we have accomplished a lot. The big thing is we are more together as a team, and we are having fun out here."

WR WALT BELL ON INCREASED ROLE: "We've all been picking up reps and had a lot of reps during this camp. You hope to be counted on to go out and do your job for the team, and I have worked toward that. Also as the holder, it's something that has to be done and it has to be done right. I think, as a player, you always want more responsibility and you want to do your best for the team."

DL JEFF LITTLEJOHN ON CAMP: "We have been able to get a lot of calls in and learned a lot. The main focus has been to get our alignments and make sure we are in the right place. I think camp has been good and we are coming out of it with something positive."

DL JEFF LITTLEJOHN ON IMPROVED DEFENSE: "The new defensive backs are doing a good job and coming on strong. That's a big benefit because it puts you in a comfort zone to know, just give me time and I will get to the quarterback. I think we have had a lot of coverage sacks during this camp and that is pleasant because we didn't have that in the past. We are seeing improvement."

RB EUGENE GROSS ON CONCLUSION OF CAMP: "I believe we are coming out of this with confidence. It's been a long, hard camp and the weather has been up and down, but this team has come out and practiced with a good attitude every day and that's why we are getting better. I think we all are ready to turn our attention to playing someone else instead of going against each other."

WEEKLY PRESS CONFERENCES BEGIN MONDAY: Middle Tennessee's Weekly Press Conference with Head Coach Andy McCollum and selected players will begin Monday, August 30 at 10:30 AM. Coach McCollum will have opening comments and will then be available for one-on-one interviews along with the players.

FREE YARD SIGNS: The Middle Tennessee athletic department is issuing free yard signs to all Blue Raider football season ticket holders. The sign is two-sided and has the phrase "Blue Raider Neighbor Season Ticket Holder" in bold letters along with the Middle Tennessee logo. "This is a great way for fans to show their support of Blue Raider football and help us with our attendance goals," said Athletic Director Boots Donnelly. The signs can be picked up at the Middle Tennessee Ticket Office or at the BRAA office in the Murphy Center. If a person has a problem picking up the sign, then call the ticket office (898-2103) or the BRAA office (898-2210) and a member of the athletic department will work out a time for delivery.

ANDY MAC "LIVE": Andy Mac "Live", the weekly radio show with Blue Raider head football coach Andy McCollum, will be broadcast live on Thursday's from the Bunganut Pig in Murfreesboro for the entire 11-week schedule from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. The first show of the season will air Thursday, September 2. Following is a list of the 19 stations that carry Andy Mac "Live": WQSV (Ashland City), WKRM (Columbia), WDKN (____son), WEKR (Fayetteville), WAKM (Franklin), WHIN (Gallatin), WANT (Lebanon), WAXO (Lewisburg), WLIV (Livingston), WMSR (Manchester), WBMC (McMinnville), WBOZ (Murfreesboro), WGNS (Murfreesboro), WAMB (Nashville), WKSR (Pulaski), WZNG (Shelbyville), WJLE (Smithville), WJIG (Tullahoma), and WCDT (Winchester).