Aril 22, 1899

We remind our people of a fact that seems to have escaped their memory, namely the establishment of an Industrial School to be located in this district.

Since the legislature passed the Act creating such an institution we have at various times, urged our people to take some steps to secure this school to Lafayette.

Has anything been done by our people in that direction? We don't think so, and while we have been apathetic on the subject, other towns in the district have been wide awake to their interest and have done the preliminary work towards ascertaining if the conditions required to secure the institution in their midst could be met.

And yet our people are as much public spirited and liberal as in other towns.

In fact we can report that at several times some of our public spirited citizens have stepped in our office expressing the desire to subscribe hundreds of dollars towards securing the Industrial School.

Judging from appearances all that is needed now is an awakening from the seeming stupor in which we have fallen and go to work in earnest starting the preliminary work that will bring the Industrial School to Lafayette.

In some towns the work is done.

In New Iberia, the ENTERPRISE informs us, that the community on subscriptions of the Industrial School having about completed their labors, the board of directors has decided to have subscribers give notes for the amounts subscribed payable in four equal installments.

In Jeanerette the people are wide-awake, and we are informed they are sanguine to succeed.

What will Lafayette do about it?

The inestimable value of the prize is within our grasp, all we have to do is to secure it.