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Thread: Grading Ragin' Cajuns' first six games

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    UL Football Grading Ragin' Cajuns' first six games

      With two losses already in Sun Belt Conference play at the midway point of the season, including last week's 31-24 loss at Troy, UL's football team has refocused its goals.

    Winning a conference championship is now considered a long shot, but the Ragin' Cajuns can still fight for a bowl berth with six games left in the regular season. They need to win at least four more games to become bowl-eligible for the fifth time in the past six years but the program hasn't played in a bowl game since 1970.

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    Joshua Parrott

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    Default Re: Grading Ragin' Cajuns' first six games

    Quote Originally Posted by NewsCopy View Post
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    Another great article JP!

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    Great article?? Parrott mentions the same thing over and over.bowl elgible 4 out of the last 5 years.no bowl game in 40 years.INJURIES: he's been using that excuse for the last 3 seasons now. My 8-year old daughter can copy/re-write her homework over and over but that don't make her great!

    Where was the great article on the Oklahoma St WR Blackmon before the Cajuns game? Of course after he has a great game Parrott mentions he has him on his Heisman list. Easy to write after-the-fact.

    The week of Arkansas St there was no article about how many injuries had decimated Ark St the year before and how they listed their offensive returning starters as 13. Where was the great article then?

    If you like the same ole story day after day then Parrott is your man!

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