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Thread: $107m budget awaits OK

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    University of Louisiana expects to spend about $1M on major building repairs.

    LOUISIANA La. About 42 percent of the University of Louisiana's $107 million budget comes out of students' pockets, according to the university's proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

    The university submitted its budget draft for the Louisiana Board of Regents' approval at its meeting in August.

    About $45.2 million of the school's budget is self-generated, with about $41.1 million of it coming from students' registration and fees. The other $4 million comes from other fees, such as library fines and parking tickets.

    The state rounded out the rest, pitching in about $62.1 million, more than was expected before the legislative session ended in the spring.

    While UL Lafayette President Ray Authement had thought the budgeting process would mean squeezing out about $3.4 million, the additional support from the state and students patched the hole. Even without an expected deficit, there were still tough calls to make, said Ronnie Lajaunie, UL Lafayette assistant vice president of financial services.

    "The challenge was deciding how to spend the money we had," Lajaunie said.

    Lajaunie said he and Authement worked out the details of the budget.

    The budget is $5.39 million more compared to last year. But much of the additional money in this year's budget has been directed toward salaries and increases in retirement contributions to the state.

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    Originally posted by NewsCopy
    The other $4 million comes from other fees, such as library fines and parking tickets.
    Besides students' registration and fees that is (on average) $250 worth of tickets and fines for every student

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