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Thread: University reports on how it uses donations

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    Athletics receives lion's share of funds.

    LOUISIANA La. A state-of-the art athletics complex on campus is one of the many projects benefiting from donations to University of Louisiana.

    Ragin' Cajuns pride helped bring $832,000 into the athletics program last year, according to the UL Lafayette Foundation's 2003 Report on Philanthropy.

    The foundation manages and invests donations made to the university. The report was released last week.

    In 2003, about $2.6 million was given to university programs, said Julie Falgout, Foundation executive director.

    "We're basically their bank and their manager," Falgout said.

    Athletics received the majority of the funds with 32 percent, but that's mainly because sports programs have fewer endowments than other university programs, Falgout said.

    For about a year, a full-force campaign drive has been under way for Ragin' Cajun athletics. So far, response from the community has helped give the athletics complex on Reinhardt Drive a much-needed makeover, including new flooring and ceilings, paint and a first-class locker room for the football players.

    In the past year, about $400,000 has been raised, but more impressive than that, said Gerald Hebert, is the amount of in-kind donations. Hebert is coordinator of athletic development and a former Ragin' Cajun pitcher.

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    Marsha Sills
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