Not long ago, a clock started ticking.

Much like a countdown at NASA, this clockıs numbers are diminishing, dwindling toward a launch in college athletics. Many college football fans, especially those of mid-major programs, are concerned about what will happen to their programs once proposed NCAA Division 1A requirements go into effect.

Most fans are focused on proposed attendance requirements. These requirements, while important, are not where the "real" action is.

Some fans are focused rightly, on conference realignment. But most of them donıt see that the clock is ticking toward one of the most dramatic shakeups in the history of Louisiana collegiate athletics.

Conference commissioners, athletics directors and the presidents of the universities at which they serve hear the ticking. And itıs getting louder. And LOUDER. If you think the suspense is killing the fans, you should see what itıs doing to the decision makers.

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