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Thread: Pro & Con on the coaching search

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    UL Basketball Pro & Con on the coaching search

    Even though I'm not a fan I am including Jessie Evans. He hasn't left yet. These are the names mentioned so far

    Jessie Evans
    PRO: winner, great recruiter
    CON: he is a wimp, can't disipline a spraying cat in a parked car.

    Rickey Broussard
    PRO: Former winner, head coaching experience, strong ties to the university. Will get local support.
    CON: Loser, if you can't build a dynasty in the Southland Conference you can't coach. Traiter

    Robert Lee
    PRO: Insider, knows the UL system, knows the players, can work with anyone.
    CON: not an imposing figure, don't know if the kids will listen to him any more if he is the head coach than they listened to him when he was an assistant. Has ties to Nicholls.

    Tic Price
    PRO: former winner, head coaching experience,
    CON: loser, displays serious lapses injudgement, is Jessie part II

    Butch Pierre
    PRO: connections to UL, great recruiter, has god son coming up through high school.
    CON: couldn't help LSU, a traiter to UL

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    This is so COOL

    Personally, I'd like to see Ricky come over and bring Butch with him.....IEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

    But we all know that there will be a national search and someone that has yet to be named will emerge.....

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    chuck, let me tell you something about coach lee, i know him and you don't, it's simple...when coach went to coach evans and told him about his players, coach evans did nothing about it and when that happens and the players see that the head coach is not backing his assistants they will do exactly what you have been seeing for the past few years. coach lee is a fine man and a good coach and would/will discipline players trust me, so be careful, what you don't see is, "THE REST OF THE STORY."

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    UL Basketball

    Time to do a poll on this subject including Evans.

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