StateFans has the scouting report on the Ragin' Cajuns.

Offensive Tendencies - 3-point shooting. Louisiana loves to stroke the long ball and their offense is centered around the 3-point shot. Tries to run and get into a transition game as much as possible to create open shot opportunities. Lack of interior size limits their post offense, but attacks the glass offensively as a team very well. Can have up to four guards on the floor at a time to add speed and athleticism on the offensive end. Lacks an above-average offensive system and when in half court sets the Ragin' Cajuns can struggle. Tends to lose focus and force bad shots and errant passes in their half court offense.

Defensive Philosophy - An athletic team, Louisiana can really get at it on defense. They play an aggressive man-to-man defense and when struggling offensively UL-L will press to create up-tempo and energy. Defends the three well and rebounds as a team, with every regular being a solid rebounder. The Cajuns switch on ball screens to limit jump shots and penetration. Plays the passing lanes well and looks to force steals and turnovers. Can mix in a 2-3/3-2 zone and if they struggle early with the Wolfpack's unique system look for them to play some zone.

Player Evaluations

G Antoine Landry - In his first year as a starter, Landry has emerged as the Cajuns go-to player. At 5'11, he's a smallish guard who looks to score first and pass second. The team's best 3 point shooter, Antoine is an above-average defender who thrives in transition. Works better off the ball then as the lead guard, and when Boyd enters Landry slides over to his more natural slot at shooting guard.

G Brad Boyd - A 6-6 point guard who holds the UL record for career 3-pointers. Local kid who played at St Thomas More in Lafayette, Brad's forte is his jumper which he can fire off screens, off the dribble, and in transition. Is adequate at point guard, but does not always make good decisions and often looks to make the spectacular play instead of the simple play. A streaky shooter who has been coming off the bench late in the season.

F Brian Hamilton - Probably the Cajuns best big man... at 6'6 and 185 pounds. Hamilton has a good interior game, but is more comfortable facing the basket because of his lack of size. Plays the "4" spot for UL-Lafayette and can exploit the matchup in transition against slower power forwards. Wiry, lean player who leads the team in rebounding (6.9 RPG) and field goal percentage (61.2%). Attacks the glass from the wings and has a good nose for the ball.

F Cedric Williams - More of an interior player, Williams is often times the Cajuns best post player offensively. Solid skills and although undersized at 6'7, he will play the power forward and center spot for UL-L.

G Laurie Bridges - The "glue" guy for the Ragin' Cajuns. Bridges is the only player averaging over thirty minutes a game and is one of the more experienced players on the squad. A lefty who is also the team's top free throw shooter. Strong, physical build allows him to guard a variety of positions and rebound effectively.

G Orien Greene - Could be the most talented player in the Sun Belt conference, this is Orien's first year at UL-Lafayette after transferring in from Florida. Has a good stroke from deep and like Boyd has been coming off the bench lately. A tough defender, Greene will likely guard Hodge when in the game and has the athleticism to stick with Julius. Loves to get out in transition and finish above the rim.

C Chris Cameron - At 6'11 and 255 pounds, Cameron is the biggest player on UL-Lafayette's roster and the starter at center. Austrailian who has some post moves but is one of the last options on the offensive end. Mainly serves as a screener and the Cajuns run-and-gun system usually takes Cameron out of the contest early. An okay rebounder, but should average more given his size and level of competition.

G Dwayne Mitchell - Transfer from Auburn who is a super athlete. Not an option from outside and struggles at the free throw line. Attacks the glass on both ends and really gets after it defensively.

Probable Starting Lineup:
PG Antoine Landry (SR, 5'11 170) - 13.2 PPG 43.4% 3PT%
G Dwayne Mitchell (SO, 6'4 205) - 9.5 PPG 4.4 RPG
G Laurie Bridges (JR, 6'6 205) - 10.3 PPG 6.0 RPG
F Brian Hamilton (JR, 6'6 185) - 11.5 PPG 6.9 RPG
C Chris Cameron (SO, 6'11 255) - 6.4 PPG 3.3 RPG

Key Reserves:
G Brad Boyd (SR, 6'6 295) - 12.1 PPG 35.9% 3PT%
F Cedric Williams (JR, 6'7 227) - 9.1 PPG 4.2 RPG
G Oriene Green (JR, 6'4 209) - 10.6 PPG 4.5 RPG

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