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Thread: 2 UL Professors Going to Gulf

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    Two UL professors are being sent by the National Science Foundation to the Gulf of Mexico to study the oil spill's impact.

    Biology professors Suzanne Fredericq and Darryl Felder got an almost 200,000 dollar grant to study these life forms in the Gulf.

    Fredericq focuses on plants, and Felder on wildlife-both indicators of how the oil can affect areas along the shore.

    "All plants provide oxygen-and oxygen is needed to sustain the whole food chain. So if you don't have oxygen you're going to have dead zones," says Fredericq.

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    Does anyone check up on how the grant money is spent? Give me $200k and a trip to New Orleans and it ain't gonna be spent wisely.

    Seriously profs, I'm sure you will not be like me and will do your job to the utmost of your capabilities.

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