Ragin' Cajuns primed to add to NCAA history list

LOUISIANA La. When Louisiana played the Marshall Thundering Herd in NCAA Tournament action some 32 years ago, the Ragin' Cajuns of coach Beryl Shipley hit 42-of-80 shots in a run-and-gun 112-101 victory.

Marshall put up 112 attempts in that contest, giving the two squads a combined 192 shots launched.

Those were the days of Bo Lamar and Roy Ebron, of Jerry Bisbano, Fred Saunders, Wilbert Loftin, Payton Townsend and, eventually Larry Fogle the pre-probation days when the Cajuns dazzled fans with fast-paced offense.

UL (then USL) played three games in the 1972 NCAA Tournament and three more in 1973, winning half of those (Marshall, 100-70 over Texas and 102-89 over Houston).

The numbers in those days were wildly entertaining, but are mind-boggling today.

The Cajuns hit 35-of-94 shots in an 88-84 loss to Louisville (34-of-60) in 1972 (154 combined).

They hit 42-of-80 to 22-of-66 for Texas (146 total).

UL was good on 40-of-86 against Houston's 38-of-84 (170 shots).

Only 26-of-72 were good in a 66-63 loss to Kansas State (28-of-56, 128 total attempts).

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Bruce Brown