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Thread: I have an idea need some input.

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    Default I have an idea need some input.

    We all know how the march madness tourney works. We all have been in office pools and have filled out brackets. Here is what I am thinking. NCAA Baseball needs this sorta thing to become ingrained in peoples minds. Filling out brackets is one of the only reasons it is so popular. So how would you work it?

    One way is to pick the winner of each regional. 4 points for a regional sweep. 3 points for one loss but a regional champ. 2 points with 2 wins. 1 point for only one win. No points for no wins. Super regionals 6 points for a sweep, 4 for a 2 out of 3 champ. 2 for a 1 win only.
    And so on through the college world series but the points keep escalating.


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    Default Re: I have an idea need some input.

    I have done one in my office for the past 4 or so years.

    In the first round you multiply the winning seed times itself. 1x1, 2x2, and so on so you get rewarded for picking an upset.

    In second through forth round you multiply the orginal seed times the regional seed times the round. This way again you are awarded extra points if a lower ranked region upsets a higher ranked region. For example lets say Rice is the 16th rated regional seed and they are sent to Arizona St. who is the #1 rated seed. Picking Arizona St. would get you 2 points in the second round where picking Rice would get you 32 points. Say UL is sent to Rice as a 3 seed and they win the Rice regional. They would get 9 points in first round. If they were to go to Arizona St. and win there this would give you 96 points, but that would be a long shot.

    Round one is the regional winner. Round two is the super regional winner. Round three is the two teams in the finals. Round four is the CWS champion.

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