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Thread: Charting UL Enrollment since 1901

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    Default Charting UL Enrollment since 1901

    From 145 students in 1901 to 16,355 in 2007-08 this chart tracks UL's historical student enrollment and overall attendance growth.

    The chart shows the ebb and flow, the spurts and stagnation of students through all five University of Louisiana Presidents.

  2. Stevens 1901-1939
  3. Frazier 1939-1942
  4. Fletcher 1942-1966
  5. Rougeou 1966-1973
  6. Authement 1973-2008
  7. Savoie 2008 ...

    University of Louisiana - Historical Enrollment

      School Year Enrollment
    1901-1902 145
    1902-1903 182
    1903-1904 190
    1904-1905 250
    1905-1906 239
    1906-1907 275
    1907-1908 265
    1908-1909 275
    1909-1910 301
    1910-1911 251
    1911-1912 290
    1912-1913 314
    1913-1914 340
    1914-1915 368
    1915-1916 372
    1916-1917 322
    1917-1918 307
    1918-1919 414
    1919-1920 277
    1920-1921 280
    1921-1922 503
    1922-1923 556
    1923-1924 586
    1924-1925 618
    1925-1926 720
    1926-1927 750
    1927-1928 787
    1928-1929 838
    1929-1930 869
    1930-1931 918
    1931-1932 906
    1932-1933 989
    1933-1934 955
    1934-1935 996
    1935-1936 1,064
    1936-1937 1,198
    1937-1938 1,409
    1938-1939 1,867
    1939-1940 2,403
    1940-1941 2,354
    1942-1942 2,340
    1942-1943 1,962
    1943-1944 1,677
    1944-1945 1,363
    1945-1946 1,108
    1946-1947 3,167
    1947-1948 3,401
    1948-1949 3,370
    1949-1950 2,811
    1950-1951 2,556
    1951-1952 2,386
    1952-1953 2,679
    1953-1954 2,824
    1954-1955 3,240
    1955-1956 3,843
    1956-1957 4,026
    1957-1958 4,182
    1958-1959 4,562
    1959-1960 4,704
    1960-1961 4,910
    1961-1962 5,549
    1962-1963 5,969
    1963-1964 6,020
    1964-1865 6,912
    1965-1966 8,447
    1966-1967 9,073
    1967-1968 9,332
    1968-1969 10,023
    1969-1970 10,051
    1970-1971 10,275
    1971-1972 10,730
    1972-1973 11,436
    1973-1974 11,454
    1974-1975 11,572
    1975-1976 12,380
    1976-1977 12,895
    1977-1978 13,318
    1978-1979 13,010
    1979-1980 13,341
    1980-1981 13,865
    1981-1982 15,493
    1982-1983 15,729
    1983-1984 16,266
    1984-1985 16,351
    1985-1986 16,291
    1986-1987 15,610
    1987-1988 15,452
    1988-1989 15,037
    1989-1990 15,515
    1990-1991 15,826
    1991-1992 16,205
    1992-1993 16,652
    1993-1994 16,586
    1994-1995 16,789
    1995-1996 16,902
    1996-1997 16,742
    1997-1998 17,020
    1998-1999 16,933
    1999-2000 16,351
    2000-2001 15,742
    2001-2002 15,489
    2002-2003 16,006
    2003-2004 16,208
    2004-2005 16,561
    2005-2006 17,075
    2006-2007 16,303
    2007-2008 16,345
    2008-2009 16,320
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    Research Enrollment on the rise

    University sees results targeting minorities in neighboring states

    LOUISIANA La. - As UL readies for more stringent admissions standards next fall, its enrollment figures show a slight but steady increase since it last raised admission requirements in 1999.

    This fall, 16,561 students are enrolled in classes, with 2,745 of those listed as first-time freshmen, according to figures from Dan Rosenfield, dean of enrollment management.

    In 1999, the number of first-time freshmen was at 2,523 and total enrollment was 16,351. Although the university saw a dip in overall enrollment in 2000, it has since steadily increased.

    Rosenfield credits strong recruitment in neighboring states and the university's reputation as factors that boosted enrollment figures this semester.

    "What we're doing is targeting schools in areas which have significant minority populations both in this state and in Texas," Rosenfield said. "We're seeing some results."

    The university's listing in the Princeton Review's guide to the best colleges in the country didn't hurt either, he said.

    "More and more people are learning about us," Rosenfield said. "We're reaching out more than we ever did but we find out when we get there that they have heard of us and know what we've been doing."

    The rest of the story

    Marsha Sills

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    Default LSU story with mention of UL

    . . .Enrollment at the University of Louisiana ... at Lafayette is up 353 students, to 16,561 for the fall semester.

    School officials cited national publicity over ULL's entry in a contest for robotic vehicles, the nomination of writer-in-residence Ernest Gaines for a Pulitzer Prize and $130 million in campus construction for the 2 percent increase. . . .

    The rest of the ADVOCATE story

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    Research More scholarships only part of solution to enrollment woes (Nebraska)

    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln isn't the only college struggling with enrollment.

    Some university officials try to take action before a drop begins.

    To amp up enrollment, admission officials at the University of New Orleans thought increased scholarships might attract more students, said Joe Cruse, the school's associate director of freshman admissions.

    The University of Louisiana Board of Regents recently approved measures to nearly triple its merit-based scholarship offers for next year.

    "Our enrollment has been pretty flat," Cruse said.

    With about 17,000 students, the school is the second largest university in Louisiana. Cruse said it's hard to get a school's name out, but more scholarship money helps.

    Peru State College in Nebraska took a similar tactic. The community college will let 50 rural high school students attend college programs without paying.

    Then, when these students are of college age, officials hope they will be familiar with the school and more likely to attend.

    UNL tries to lure students by offering more financial aid scholarships instead of merit-based offers, said Craig Munier, director of the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

    But UNL doesn't have enough funds to offer the same amount of scholarships as the New Orleans, which had extra money to increase the number of scholarships.

    He said the University of Nebraska Board of Regents recently increased need-based scholarships in the Tuition Assistance Program.

    The rest of the story

    By KATIE BACKMAN / Daily Nebraskan

  12. Research Freshman summer enrollment jumps

    The University of Louisiana has seen a more than 60 percent jump in first-time freshman in summer school on the eve of its higher admission standards that begin in the fall.

    The overall enrollment this summer is 5,504, down about 4 percent from last year's 5,729, while first-time freshman enrollment jumped from 186 last year to 300 this year, according to figures released by Dan Rosenfield, dean of enrollment management.

    However, the new admission standards may not be the only explanation for the jump this summer, Rosenfield said.

    "There's no way that we know for sure," Rosenfield said. "There are a couple of factors. At some instances, we're looking at students enrolling this summer because they can enroll under the '04 standards. I also think there are a lot of students who want to get a head start."

    The rest of the story

    Marsha Sills

  13. Research UL sees signs of strong enrollment for fall

    If the number of students attending freshman orientation is any indication, fall enrollment at University of Louisiana may not be as affected by new selective admissions standards as officials anticipated.

    Four-year university leaders across the state braced for enrollment drops with the implementation of the new standards this fall. UL President Ray Authement has said he expected a drop of about 400 freshmen.

    Last year's fall enrollment for first-time freshmen was 2,744. At least 2,400 incoming freshmen have attended one of six orientation sessions held over the summer, said Mary Langley Hernandez, UL director of orientation and transfer liaison. The university nearly didn't plan a sixth session because of expectations of a lower enrollment, she said.

    "We were pleasantly surprised that we had a full last session," she said.

    To be admitted this fall, all freshman must have completed the core of high school classes set by the state. The new rules also require freshmen to have a high school grade-point average of 2.5 or greater or an ACT composite score of 23 or greater. Otherwise, they must rank in the top 25 percent of their high school graduation class and require no more than one remedial course, but no student with less than a 2.0 GPA can be admitted.

    Dean of Enrollment Management Dan Rosenfield has been careful not to share his projections for the fall, but said he was encouraged by enrollment so far.

    The rest of the story

    Marsha Sills

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    Research UL accepting displaced New Orleans students

    the University of Louisianais accepting college students who had planned to attend universities in New Orleans this semester.

    UL Dean of Enrollment Management Dan Rosenfield said newly registered students would have a limited selection of courses and be coming in two weeks late. ULL began classes Aug. 22.

    Rosenfield said incoming students -- who are being processed on the third floor of Martin Hall -- are encouraged to register by Friday.

    "We have streamlined the enrollment process for those students," he said. "… Hopefully the process won't take more than a few hours."

    The rest of the story

    Acadiana bureau

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    Default Re: UL accepting displaced New Orleans students

    I've got a UNO student in one class and a Tulane student in another.

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    Default Re: UL accepting displaced New Orleans students

    Quote Originally Posted by CDeb
    I've got a UNO student in one class and a Tulane student in another.
    My daughter had a UNO student in one of her classes today. Also, 3 of her friends are transferring here from LSU. Evidently the enviornment there has deteioriated.

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    Default Re: UL accepting displaced New Orleans students

    i have a couple of transfer students in my classes.
    BIG PROP to UL. UL is giving the transfer students their books for free, at least the students i talked to got their books for free.
    i felt like a proud papa watch my son do something great!

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    Default Re: UL accepting displaced New Orleans students

    Big props to LSU as well, along with the Texas A&M system (minimum tuition at TAMU-Galveston) and other schools in Texas as well.

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    Default Re: UL accepting displaced New Orleans students

    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyCajun
    Does anyone know the total number of students that are going to UL that are from New Orleans?


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    Default Re: UL accepting displaced New Orleans students

    I heard 750, but the number will possible go over 1000 by mid-semester...I hear we will be hosting some New Orleans-based teachers to teach summer-style short classes during the second half of the semester.

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    Default Re: UL accepting displaced New Orleans students

    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyCajun
    This is just another sign of "TRUE AMERICANS" in action!! We are a loving community, state and nation and this traggedy will just make us stronger. He who stuggles together becomes true brothers for life!

    It is great to see finally so many of our armed forces getting into NEW ORLEANS!! They will adapt and overcome, as is the moto of the armed forces!!!


    ps Do what your able no matter how big or small, just help till it hurts and then give some more!!!

    Daddy-o, I love your style!!!

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    Research UL enrollment down .9 percent due to the 800 turned away

      BATON ROUGE "" University officials say they are not surprised by the almost 7 percent drop in enrollment this fall for several reasons, not the least of which is that thousands of students were evacuated when hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the state last year.

    But even without the storms, some decrease was expected, said Sally Clausen, president of the University of Louisiana System.

    "We're all toughening up on standards," Clausen said of stricter entry requirements being enforced at all institutions.

    The rest of the story

    By Mike Hasten

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    Default Re: UL enrollment down .9 percent due to the 800 turned away

    Quote Originally Posted by NewsCopy
    Savoie said the Board of Regents will continue to analyze enrollment data "to design effective strategies to rebuild our enrollment base. Increasing the number of people in our state with a college credential is crucial to Louisiana's long-term recovery."

    The best way to build your enrollment base is to create a smarter Freshman. If you have more incoming Freshmen who don't need the "stop-over" in the community colleges, then that will help in increasing enrollment. Creating such a wave of smarter college freshmen has to be started at the High School Freshman level.

    How we can put more money into our educational system, that is a good question. I think that it would be more than just raising or redirecting tax dollars. I think a good start would be to rid the state of the corruption and the "ol-boy system". But a victory in that war would be unlikely.

    Whatever the problems are in the state, they are most likely LSU's fault, for sure. HAHA

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    Research UL denies 1,152 freshmen applicants, enrollment edges up by 33

      Southeastern Louisiana University's enrollment dipped more than 2 percent while the University of Louisiana ... at Lafayette saw a slight increase of 33 students from 2006.

    The University of Louisiana System, which includes Southeastern Louisiana, ULL and six other schools, remained relatively flat, declining in enrollment by just more than 1 percent overall.

    With the largest enrollment in the state, the state college system fell from 80,840 students to 79,924 this fall, according to statistics released Wednesday.

    ULL is the system's largest school with 16,355; Southeastern Louisiana is next with 14,757 students this fall. SLU had 15,118 students last year.

    The rest of the story

    Advocate Capitol News Bureau

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    Research UL denies 1,152 freshmen applicants

      UL's enrollment remained steady two years after the university implemented selective admissions, but students continued to flock to community college in growing numbers.

    Preliminary enrollment counts show an increase of 33 students at UL compared to last fall, while South Louisiana Community College had a fall enrollment boost of 579 students, or nearly 25 percent, setting another record fall enrollment for the college.

    As expected, the new admissions policies continue to boost community college enrollment as students academically unprepared for four-year colleges are encouraged to take prep courses at community colleges.

    At SLCC, the demand for courses at the college meant that capacity in courses was increased where possible and more instructors were needed, but it also meant that some students couldn't enroll.
    "Because of space, the need for labs and specialized classrooms and faculty shortages in some areas, we had to turn some students away," said Jan Brobst, SLCC chancellor.

    In particular, the college had a hard time responding to the demand for math courses, Brobst said.

    Brobst said the college encouraged students to consider evening, weekend or online courses.

    "I think clearly space is a concern. We are good stewards of the public dollar and we are looking at our space utilization and really trying to do what we can," Brobst said.

    The rest of the story

    Marsha Sills

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    Ragin' Cajuns Re: Charting student growth for 107 years

    Is this the NEW pentathlam?

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    Research UL graduate school sees enrollment increase

      Efforts to increase enrollment in the UL Graduate School have resulted in numbers for spring 2008 indicating the Graduate School has grown by nearly 11 percent from last spring.

    As of this week, 1,433 students were enrolled in the Graduate School. That's an increase of 133 students from this time last year.

    "This increase is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of the Graduate School staff and also each graduate department at the university," said Dr. C. Eddie Palmer, dean of the Graduate School. "We implemented a 'recruiters all' mission. Everyone is helping to grow the Graduate School."

    Additionally, UNIVERSITY of LOUISIANA President Ray Authement approved an increase in the number of assistantships offered and also increased stipends.

    The rest of the story

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