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Thread: Men's basketball schedule

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    UL Basketball Men's basketball schedule

    For those of you that didn't hear Jay Walker today, he spoke with Coach Evans about the schedule earlier today. From what I gathered there are 25 games on the schedule right now on a possible 27 game allotment. Coach Evans is trying to get one more home game with a D1 school instead of just two more road games. His purpose is to get a home game for this year and a road game with the school for next year. :confused:

    What Division 1 school, including those in the SWAC, MEAC, etc. (no insult intended), is not going to have it's schedule completed by now? Does he really believe that there are other coaches as unorganized as he appears to be? This makes no sense. IT'S OCTOBER 1! Practice starts in a matter of days. How are season ticket holders suppose to know what they're buying? Does he no longer care? Is he ready to move on? Help me with this, people, does somebody know something that the rest of us don't?

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    Default Men's basketball schedule /roster

    Could say "nothing ventured, nothing gained" but judging from the current roster compared to what we though it would be, he may have moved on already (at least mentally).

    What a bunch of ~~~~!!

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    UL Basketball basketball

    can't say i didn't warn you.
    organization, what?
    wait til you hear, "THE REST OF THE story."

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    There are actually a couple of schools looking for games. Texas is still looking for a game, and two other schools that I remember hearing of where still looking for games.

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    UL Basketball

    Schools Looking to Schedule Basketball Games for 2003-04 Season

    Contact NABC to Add/Remove Your Team From List

    In an effort to assist coaches who still have open dates in their upcoming 2003-04 basketball schedule, the following list of schools with available dates on its basketball schedule has been made available. To add or remove your school from this list, contact Troy Hilton in the NABC office: (913) 469-1001 ext. 114.

    GAMES LIST (Updated: September 25)
    Contact: Kevin Heck
    Phone: 732-455-4291
    E-Mail: kheck@scarletknights.com
    Game Sought: Home Guarantee Game or Home-&-home series
    Dates In Mind: December 20, 22, 23. January 13, 14. February 18, 19, 28.

    Contact: Shannon Weaver
    Phone: 334-844-9738
    Game Sought: Home Game
    Dates In Mind: November 28-29. December 4-5, 14.
    Other: Guarantee Available

    Contact: Vince Cautero
    Phone: 401-865-2228
    E-Mail: vcautero@provicence.edu
    Game Sought: Home Game
    Dates In Mind: November 25. December 30. Other dates considered.
    Other: Guarantee Available.

    Contact: Terry Dunn
    Phone: 800-810-1994
    E-Mail: dunnt@colorado.edu
    Game Sought: 1 Home or Home-&-Home Series and 1 Exempted Tournament
    Dates In Mind: November 21, 26. December 8, 30-31. January 2-3, 10
    Other: Guarantee Available

    South Alabama
    Contact: Bob Pozatek
    Phone: 251-460-7879
    E-Mail: bpozatek@usouthal.edu
    Game Sought: Home Game
    Dates In Mind: December 5-6, 21-23
    Other: Would like to buy a game, but willing to start a home-&-home in Mobile. Negotiable guarantee available.

    Contact: Mitch Henderson
    Phone: 847-491-7906
    E-Mail: mhenderson@northwestern.edu
    Game Sought: Home Game
    Dates In Mind: November 21, 29. December 3-4
    Other: Desperately seeking game. Guarantee available. Can be flexible with dates.

    St. Joseph's
    Contact: Phil Martelli
    Phone: 800-766-4295
    Game Sought: Home-&-Home Series
    Dates In Mind: November 21-23

    Contact: Al Biancalana
    Phone: 309-657-6250
    E-Mail: albiancs@bradley.edu
    Game Sought: Home-&-Home Series
    Dates In Mind: December 6
    Other: Looking to start series on road with return to Peoria in 04-05.

    Contact: Mike Winiecki
    Phone: 804-289-8392
    E-Mail: mwinieck@richmond.edu
    Game Sought: 1 Home Game or Home-&-Home Series
    Dates In Mind: November 21. December 17, 31.
    Other: Looking to start series at home. Guarantee available for one-time home game.

    Contact: Dan Ahearn
    Phone: 512-471-5816
    E-Mail: ahearndf@athletics.utexas.edu
    Game Sought: Home Game
    Other: Guarantee available

    Texas A&M Corpus Christi
    Contact: Ronnie Arrow
    Phone: 361-825-2381
    E-Mail: rarrow@falcon.tamucc.com
    Game Sought: Home-&-Home Series
    Dates In Mind: December 17, 18 at home. February 9-10.
    Other: Willing to start series on road.

    Contact: Keith Noftz
    Phone: 812-479-2757 E-Mail: kn30@evansville.edu
    Game Sought: Home Game
    Dates In Mind: November 21, 22. December 3.
    Other: Guarantee Available

    St. Mary's
    Contact: Dan Shell
    Phone: 925-631-4714
    E-Mail: dshell@stmarys-ca.edu
    Game Sought: Home-&-Home Series
    Dates In Mind: Flexible, but would prefer December 3, 12, 13, or January 2.
    Other: Looking to start series at home. Guarantee Available.

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    Louisiana A
    Blog Entries


    Why isn't Louisiana on the list?

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    Hey, how about a Texas A&M home & home? Sounds like money to me!

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    UL Basketball

    Check that list again. That is Texas A&M at Corpus Christi, not the main campus at College Station.

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