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Thread: War Bond Sales 1945

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    Research Academia 1945

    A school wide effort to sell war bonds culminated in July of 1945, at the time the University of Louisiana (SLI) was located in -what was considered- the 8th Naval District.

    During the war period there was a nation wide effort to sell war bonds that had gone out, and SLI ended up selling $329,315.75 in war bonds, mostly through athletic receipts. Louisianan (SLI) was in a unique position nationally as the State had banned the school from playing intercollegiate sports for this period. As a result athletic events were to be confined to campus, and it was decided to use the receipts from sporting events as fund raising endeavors, namely War Bonds. In normal years all athletic receipts from UL went into the states general fund.

    Included in this same district:
    University of Louisiana (SLI)
    Southern Methodist University
    University of the South
    Southwestern Medical College
    University of Texas
    N.T.A.C. Arlington
    La Polytechnic Institute
    Mississippi College
    Southwestern University
    University of Oklahoma
    Arkansas A&M
    Milsaps College
    Carson Newman College
    Texas Christian College
    Howard College

    Not only did Louisiana (SLI) raise more funds than any of these other schools; UL raised more funds than all these schools combined. In fact, the total bonds sold by the University of Louisiana (SLI) almost doubled all the other schools efforts, and was believed to be highest in the Nation.

    This was nearly as much as the Varsity-12 program had earned from the national government that year. It did not top the V programs overall earnings since this V-# income was yearly. Although the bond effort was a war long endeavor the record was set for 1945.

    This does not undermine the general spirit of giving that existed at the time, but one of the reasons UL did so well was due to state of Louisiana imposed earnings restrictions above $50,000. To get around this was for the proceeds from sporting events to be used to enhance such war-bond endeavors.

    With V-12 athletes in town (175 in football alone) sporting events were many and often.

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    One word: wow.

    And that's back when this was still a very poor area.

    You need to post a link to that on the Delphi Board. Jeepers, that's impressive.

    You might even send a copy of the original article to the Daily Advertiser. It's the sort of thing Jim Bradshaw might write up, if he didn't already know about it.

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