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Thread: 2003 Enrollment Up

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    Alumni 2003 Enrollment Up

    LOUISIANA La. UL officials reported Friday that overall enrollment figures increased

    8.6 percent over fall 2002 enrollment figures.

    UL's Dean of Enrollment Management Dan Rosenfield said that the university's enrollment went up 214 students over this time last year. That brings the number of students to 16,199.

    Rosenfield said of the 214 new freshmen, 198 were from Louisiana and 16 were out-of-state students. He said that the 16,199 total includes underclassmen and graduate students.

    Rosenfield said he believes UL is enjoying this increase in freshmen because of national publicity after the university was named as one of the Best Southeastern Colleges by the Princeton Review.

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    By: John Sullivan

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    Alumni Enrollment Numbers Increase at Louisiana

    Overall enrollment numbers increased at the University of Louisiana this semester and first-time freshmen numbers are reflecting that increase. Numbers like grade point averages and ACT scores also indicate these students are better prepared than ever for their college careers.

    According to enrollment figures, UL saw an 8.6 percent increase or 214 students in first-time freshmen entering this semester. These numbers along with those of returning students, transfer students, continuing students and graduate students bring total enrollment to 16,199.

    "We believe that these increases are in some part due to the national recognition the university recently received as being one of the Best Southeastern Colleges by The Princeton Review and one of 20 'cool' schools by Careers and Colleges magazine," said UL Lafayette's Dean of Enrollment Management Dan Rosenfield. "We're finding that as we visit high schools, attend college fairs and receive information requests from students, we're talking to students with solid academic backgrounds who are very well-prepared for success in college."

    For instance, the freshman class entering the university this semester includes 73 valedictorians - a record number for UL. These students are coming from 46 high schools across the state and are student government leaders, class officers, Beta Club members, National Honor Society members and outstanding athletes. The average ACT scores and GPAs for first-time freshmen this semester are 20.87 and 3.07 respectively. Both are increases from last fall.

    University of Louisiana
    Office of Public Relations and News Services

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