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Thread: Trades & Picks Andrew Toney

  1. UL Basketball Trades & Picks Andrew Toney

    The 10 best trades in Sixers history

    3. Mel Bennett to the Indiana Pacers for a 1980 first-round pick (Andrew Toney)_

    Much like the trade above, the Sixers were generously rewarded for playing the long game. They traded Bennett in 1976, then watched from afar as he posted a modest 3.9 points and 3.3 rebounds per contest in 129 career NBA games. The eighth pick in 1980, Toney was a two-time All-Star, an NBA champion in 1983 and, of course, "The Boston Strangler."_

  2. UL Basketball The 10 Best Draft Picks in Sixers History

    The 10 Best Draft Picks in Sixers History

    10. Andrew Toney, 1980, first round (8th overall)

    Toney was a two-time All-Star and big part of the Sixers' last title in 1983. Drafted out of Louisiana, "The Boston Strangler" averaged 15.9 points a game in his eight-year career. There are many who believe Toney was on a Hall of Fame path before a foot injury forced him into retirement at the age of 30. If only Toney's career wasn't cut short, he'd likely be much higher on this list.

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    Going on 40 years this is quite a compliment.

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