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Thread: Dr. Maggard, Others on Bird's Eye View.

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    Default Dr. Maggard, Others on Bird's Eye View.

    Dr. Maggard is coming on the show tomorrow to discuss the senior eligibility thing. Also, there is a media teleconference with the Commissioner tomorrow and whatever is discussed there will be a topic as well.

    Sarah Montgomery will also be my guest. Haven't had our race car driver friend on in quite some time. She's actually had a very good season, getting on the podium (top three) three times...the only woman to accomplish it.

    Friday Bob Marlin will be on with me. Probably will have someone else, too.

    With me broadcasting from home, I'm trying to get more guests on.

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    Default Re: Dr. Maggard, Others on Bird's Eye View.

    Sarah is a great young lady. She and her family sit next to me at football games. Her dad is something else.

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