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Thread: Football Helmet Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragin9221 View Post
    The one on the right ! FDL !

    Those white helmets are nice!

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    Default Re: Football Helmet Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by SMD7636 View Post
    Those white helmets are nice!
    I love the all red look, nothing should change about the uniforms, but if you would replace the red helmet with either one of these white helmets specially the FDL helmet with the all red that would be awesome. Like a Cardinals type look only better

    Then for away games, I would just wear all white uniforms with the white helmet specially the FDL helmet. FDL helmet would look great with this type of uniforms. Please no big one just keep the same branding, and same size that we use for the University and every sport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RC8 View Post
    This. It's really not that complicated....

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