The University of Oregon hired Willie Taggart in December 2016. Taggart brought Irele Oderinde along from South Florida to serve as his head strength coach.

In early January something went wrong.

Multiple players were hospitalized following workouts in early January, each was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis.

One of those players, Doug Brenner, has now filed a lawsuit seeking $11.5 million from Taggart, Oderinde, Oregon and the NCAA claiming negligence related to the workouts. In the complaint, Brenner alleges Taggart and Oderinde were negligent in imposing the workouts which Brenner describes as "physical punishment regimens".

One of Brenner's attorneys said in a statement, "The drills were done in unison, and whenever a player faltered, vomited, or fainted, his teammates were immediately punished with additional repetitions." The statement continues, "A key goal of this lawsuit is to force the NCAA to ban these kinds of punishing, abusive workouts."

The lawsuit contends players were not permitted to drink water during the first day of the workouts.