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You believe your on BS.

You say one QB is not a proven D1 QB but that you would take him over the QB that Napier has offered and has committed to us. I ask you, what is that saying about our commit.

Look at the words you used to describe the TC receivers on a public board. Certainly you can't say that you are praising them.

You attempt to diminish the abilities of the STM QB because he has a good receiving group. You did the same with Fields.

These are just a couple of simple examples. I'm not reading what you are preaching. Maybe you need to do a little soul searching or own up to what you have been doing. All I'm sayin.
Never diminished Holstein just had questions about his ability to throw in tight windows. The kid answered those questions yesterday in a very good game against a very good defensive back field. I wish we could get him here but all indications are he's going to Tech if he doesn't get a P5 offer.