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Thread: Marshall to the MAC

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonCajun View Post
    I'll repeat what I said some time ago. I wouldn't mind seeing the formation of the SWC to include:

    Louisiana Tech
    Arkansas State
    N. Texas
    S. Miss
    Texas State
    New Mexico State
    Just because you or anyone else would like to see this happen has no impact on having it happen. Odds of it occurring are very slim. We will be in this league for the foreseeable future. That does not mean we should not position ourselves to be in the best position when an opportunity does arise. We need to have much better results in football and men's basketball to enhance that support. Also, attendance in football needs to improve. My concern is that won't improve substantially even if we win at a much higher clip.

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    Default Re: Marshall to the MAC

    I would think La Tech would have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a conference with us.

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    Default Re: Marshall to the MAC

    Man, a lot of posts over a fan suggesting a move by Marshall predicated on happening AFTER a football coach leaves at some point in the future. Sounds more like ax grinding.

    UL should strive to be a better university and athletic program every day.

    USM reference to moving, travel partner for Tulane. Simple as that. Budget, facilities and such make no sense when put against several other programs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cajunrunner View Post
    I would think La Tech would have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a conference with us.
    I'm actually not so sure about that. They love to hate us but see the value in being Conference foes. I think the years of "separation" have passed.

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    Default Re: Marshall to the MAC

    Quote Originally Posted by anhil8tor View Post
    Logistically how would this work? Who would be in charge of said meeting and how would this even get off the ground?

    I'm not $hi++ing on it. Just trying to figure out how a conference could be born with just ADs in tow... and if realistically any University Presidents would be on board with said move.
    I have no clue how it would be organized, or who all would be involved, but an airport meeting was organized somehow when the MWC was formed. Surely there's enough brain power among the schools I listed to organize such a meeting. And of course the university presidents would have to be on board. Such a meeting would be pointless without their support.

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