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Thread: ULM Rebranding!

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    Default Re: ULM Rebranding!

    Don't worry guys...UL is a sleeping giant...Authemont knocked us out pretty good 35 years ago...we'll regain consciousness soon...

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    Default Re: ULM Rebranding!

    Is this an internal ULM initiative, or an apparel company initiative?

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    This discussion was kind of all over the place, but I think some consensus was made.
    1. Most people here think ULM is going to stay FBS as long as they can and only seismic shifts in realignment will change that.
    2. They will not go bankrupt but will continue to fall further behind.
    3. People here do not consider a fellow SBC member as a peer institution and can't stand that we are uttered in the same sentence.
    4. I am an LSU fan of the highest order even though I never attend their games, dislike their basketball and baseball teams and casually watch their football games at parties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CajunEXPRESS View Post
    Whole lotta not caring going on here.
    Lol...what I started to post but thought the wheels were off the bus at that point. ULM is significant as taint sweat.

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