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Burk had his best outing of his career thus far. Just absolutely brilliant.

Defense was solid again especially Hayden and Kasuls.

Fontenot finally got the big one. We need him to be our "Stefan Trosclair" this year and that home run reminded me of Trosclair's in Houston against Rice in 2016 at the Shriner's.

Very good ABs 1-9 with the exception of Lott. He had a couple ok at bats but he still looks lost. Especially with sliders off the plate outside.

Windham is about to break out. He has been hitting loud outs since Texas.

I think we have settled into a lineup except for the DH spot. I would put Moll back in that spot as he needs ABs and if he gets hot it will add some bigtime physicality to the lineup. Maybe rotate Faecher in every couple games.

Stoeke was great. Adrenaline probably caused those unnecessary walks. He looked charged up.

Tomorrow will be tough. Kentucky will be the best team we have faced so far and we are without Hogan. We will have to swing the bat to have a chance, because Kentucky can swing it and bomb it against anyone.
Agree with everything you stated. Kentucky is the best offensive team in the Classic. We have to pitch well and play defense, because we do not want to get into a scoring contest with those guys. Great game for the kids and their confidence. One game at a time!