The Ragin' Cajuns will not be signing any recruits during the NCAA's new signing period. Napier was only announced about a week before the Early Signing Period, so its not a shock to learn that he held off on the new early signing period this year. To Napier, signing players so quickly after becoming head coach is like "marrying a girl you just met." Napier has made it clear that he wants to establish a solid relationship with his team and recruits, and he believes this is the first step in doing so.

This is not to say that the Ragin' Cajuns have no recruits lined up that were ready to commit under the old coaching regime. It was publicly known that five different players were committed to signing during the new Early Signing Period: three linemen and two defensive backs. Napier is not turning his back on those recruits, and he has spoken to them personally. It all comes down to a limited time frame.