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Thread: MBB Final: Louisiana 105, Nicholls 80

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddot View Post
    Tulane and Tech. Come on guy , get real.
    How was I not real?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cajunsmike View Post
    I watched video stream which was excellent by the way. Nicholls announcer was very good and impartial. Also, they are carried on 100.3 FM which is an all sports radio station in New Orleans. Good coverage for our program from this game. Did not attend game so I don't know what the prize was.
    A free night at the Hampton Inn in Thibodaux...

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    Default Re: MBB Final: Louisiana 105, Nicholls 80

    Quote Originally Posted by ZoomZoom View Post
    A free night at the Hampton Inn in Thibodaux...
    ....I am thinking no money exchanges for theses in-states, so it amounts to a baseball trip with very little I correct on this? So you have the travel cost taken from the at home income of tickets, concessions, and merchandise we come out pretty good......if the crowds keep growing these figures will only increase!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
    Great zone defense is great man within your area.....anticipation helps to get to the man being passed to to get the man for man set up......If the match up is played correctly it does almost look like man......the 2-3 also helps defend the feed passes to the biggies down low.....I remember Southhall's trying to cross the lane and being cut off by three guys teaming up down Syracuse's through the years!!!
    Boomer, I've always loved that Syracuse 2-3 as well. I've tried to break it down and pick it apart NUMEROUS times, but it is always evolving based on opponents strengths and/or personnel. It's always a base 2-3 and sometimes appears to be a true 2-3, but often times it looks like a 2-2-1. When they play a strong perimeter team, it looks like a "chamfered diamond". They force teams to their weakest strengths with these variations. Can't figure it out 100%....but always fun to watch it.

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