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Thread: NCAA Baseball New Postseason Seeding

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    Default NCAA Baseball New Postseason Seeding


    NCAA baseball postseason format will include seeding the Top 16 teams as opposed to the Top 8 teams that we are accustomed to, a measure that was approved this past week by the Division I Baseball Committee and subsequently approved by the NCAA Championship Oversight Committee.
    The best news? It'll start in 2018 and the format will call for 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, and so on in the super regional round. Should one of those seeds get upset in the regional round, the winner of the regional would replace them as that seed and there would not be a reseeding process, a potential future change that many coaches are still in favor of.


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    Default Re: NCAA Baseball New Postseason Seeding

    Good, but like softball, the committee will still want their regional or premier team matchups. Teams with host worthy RPIs from smaller conferences will still get bumped back so you can have "exciting" super regional matchups.

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    Default Re: NCAA Baseball New Postseason Seeding

    I guess it makes it less likely that Cajuns end up in Baton Rouge for Supers since proximity won't be such a big factor.

    I'm guessing the higher remaining seed would host the Super? So if #2 National is paired with #15 and if #2 loses their regional, #15 wins theirs then would host the Super... I would think/hope...

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