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    A couple of updates for those who are interested in the on-going construction projects on campus:

    At the last ULS monthly meeting the demolition of the old maintenance shops, shipping/receiving buildings, etc., along S. Campus Dr., as well as all the structures at the Youth/Dog Park along St. Julien, was approved. For those who don't know, those 'buildings' along S. Famous are beyond decrepit, and it's a wonder they are still standing at all.

    The news I got......which was not 'official' and no timeframe given......was that this is all part of the continuation of the master plan: after everything above is demo'd, new housing for married/grad students will go in the Dog Park area, as well as behind the Red Zone on Johnston. Once that is done they will demo the current Cajun Village and add new housing there as well. Both of these projects will greatly increase on-campus housing, which I think is extremely important in getting and keeping our alumni 'attached' to our school.

    Attached is the part of Master Plan where this addressed, as well as another one that proposes making St Julien tie directly into Rex St, which I think would be awesome...another entry into campus would be nice.

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