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Hud failed to capitalize on his early success. Recruitment was never elevated during that time, and has since fallen. It was a huge missed opportunity that probably won't come again under Hud. That's how programs are built, have a little success on the field, gather an uptick of talent, take it to the next level. Now, he is just satisfied being a competitor in the Sun Belt, at a sweet salary. This is not what we wanted or I should say, I wanted, when he was hired.
Agree. I recall our biggest worry over Hud was losing him to a P5. Some were aggravated that he might take the money... but should stay here and grow us into a powerhouse. I would argue that losing him to a P5 wasn't really a disaster. It would only happen if we knocked down a few giants while dominating the conference and earning and winning better bowl invites. "We'd have the respect and the support to reload with just as good of a replacement coach." 🙄

How did Hud let the rope slip out of his hands? I don't recall anything that wasn't under his control, going so bad that he should get a pass. All I have to say for Hud Cajun football is... he better hope his new configuration of coaches has some football tricks he's not familiar with... and his ego doesn't blind him to letting them execute a new brew. Cajun fans will no longer drink what Hud had on tap the past couple of seasons.