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Thread: BB Final: Louisiana 1, Hofstra 0

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    Default Re: Louisiana vs. Hofstra

    Quote Originally Posted by ragincajun10 View Post
    Not mine. It's synced up.
    How can one be synced and another is not? When Jay went on the air and the first ball was thrown to start the game I timed the first pitch on the video feed and it was exactly 7 1/2 minutes to the second. Why I have no idea. I keep score on a program. So I had to make a choice to who I would listen to or watch. I chose Jay and checked the feed on certain plays.

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    Default Re: Louisiana vs. Hofstra

    It prob has to do with your interenet speed/connection. Also, Jay's broadcast was overplayed onto the actual video so you shouldn't need to turn any radio on. Was your video on mute? Because his broadcast was synced perfectly on the video stream. I was not saying his radio broadcast would be synced to the video because that's basically impossible with the internet delay. It was the actual video that had his voiceover working perfectly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragincajun10 View Post
    Exactly. I won't speak for everyone on here. But I can say for me personally, it is absolutely laughable if anyone is panicking about the overall team. I know for me personally, I'm more concerned with the approach at the plate and it really has nothing to do with the fact that we won or lost. I'm basing it off watching every single at bat so far this season and comparing it with the same style approach the last two seasons that really hurt us in the beginning of the season.

    My only reason for bringing my points up is that I'd hope we don't wait until mid season to change our approach again as that could be too late.

    Anyone here doubting our overall team should not be taken seriously. Everyone knows our pitching staff is loaded. We just want a better performance from our offense so that we can be the 2014 Cajuns, and not the 2015 and 2016 Cajuns. Yes, both 14 and 16 hosted Regionals and 15 actually made it to Supers for the back to back run. But 15 and 16 teams overachieved offensively at the tail end of the season to make those things happen. I'd like to see us perform the way we are supposed to all year long like 2014 and earn a National Seed.

    Sorry for reaching for higher goals. But they are most certainly and undoubtedly attainable with this pitching staff. But only if the offense learns how to score often.
    Well said.
    It's still ok to discuss the game and how things SEEM to project.

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