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    NBA D-League to become Gatorade League

    The NBA on Tuesday will announce a renaming of its Development League, with the "D-League"_set to be known as the "G-League"_starting in the 2017-18 season because of a multiyear partnership with Gatorade.

    This marks the first time a U.S. professional sports league has named an entitlement partner..

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    Wonder how a D-League team would do in a Louisiana city.

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    UL Basketball Re: G League

    Fail miserably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CajunEXPRESS View Post
    Fail miserably.
    Pelicans were considering helping sponsor a D League team in Shreveport a few months ago. There is no D1 team in that city now that Centenary has dropped down. I am not sure what the status of that idea is now nor do I know the details of how the D League works. I think any NBA team can call up someone from any D League team with a few exceptions. I believe Shawn Long's situation is one of those exceptions. Someone else can probably chime in with a better explanation.

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