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Thread: 40 Free Throws Made?

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    UL Basketball 40 Free Throws Made?

    The Troy Trojans made ten free throws during a 16-0 second half run that had Louisiana crying foul.

    It got to the point where Cajuns' coach Bob Marlin could no longer watch.

    The Cajuns' coach was ejected after receiving a double technical foul with 10:19 left and Troy used the free throw advantage to take a 100-88 win, sending Louisiana to its fourth straight loss.

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    Default Re: 40 Free Throws Made?

    Im so confused, seems like home team gets the calls 75pct of time, but not us?

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    Default Re: 40 Free Throws Made?

    You actually have to be playing about as good as your opponent to get a big advantage. The competition is constantly beating our guards.

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