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Thread: keep it classy polly tech @ Ruston

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaCajunsFan View Post
    Why is it you never answer the basic question of what name you post under on the @ruston site? Why do hide who you are when you post here?
    That is quite a question from ye that posts under multiple names on CUSA/SBC and other boards. Vermillion White, geauxpnc, Shonuff (claiming to be a fan of ULM), among others because of being banned from CUSA/SBC boards twice because of your posting history and the trifecta for posing as another person as a fan of ULM. I don't know who BlueDawg is, but you can answer the question as to why you are so desperate to post lies about Tech on conference boards that you misrepresent who you are and who you are a fan of.
    Also, you don't know what happened in B'ham unless you were there or watched the game. Players and coaches from both teams were ejected because they all broke the rules by entering the court. Folks from both teams were rightfully ejected per the rules. To assume Tech caused the incident is biased. The blame, if you want to call it that, was equally shared.

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    Default Re: keep it classy polly tech @ Ruston

    Hey Stoodge! Thanks for slitherering back in here, but what's tryout funny is that you never answered the many questions posed to you the last time you were here, stinking up the joint:
    You seem to have a HUGE problem with our name, and post quite often about it.....on other boards.
    Since you were too chicken-chit to answer them the last time, here is one for you:


    Quote Originally Posted by LaCajunsFan View Post
    Hey Stoodge: you sure have some mighty hate for us. Just a few of his lovely posts about UL:

    "I thought it was LA Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns. Whatever it is, it is childish behavior by the Cajuns. I think a good name would be the Ragin Lunatics - nickname would be Loonies."

    "That is ignorant on so many levels. But to be expected from a resident of the 9th least educated city in the nation, per Forbes."

    "The law prevents it and any reasonable, rational person would understand that. You are the one who has no understanding of the issue and have apparently bought into ULLs irrational and illegal rhetoric."

    "BTW, it is the Cajun folks who need to quit their rants. They lobbied for and made an agreement with then NLU and the State of Louisiana to change their name to ULL."

    "It is illegal and unethical. You are absolutely incorrect.........."


    So tell us: how is that lawsuit going for you little @ruston fellas? LOL

    So, now that you here, tell us again how stupid we are. And how illegal and unethical we are. And how low-class we are. Etc., etc., etc.

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