In this so called women's march, Ashley Judd claimed to be a huge feminist... not trying to sound political, but I immediately thought of her well publicized support for the Kentucky MEN's basketball team. Does she show the same amount of support to the women's program(s) at that school? or is she at the men's games because she knows she will get publicity of her own?

this could sum up in a nutshell some problems women's sports may not be able to overcome. while money is the main reason, some views even transcend money.

Michael Moore was their too, wearing a hat supporting an NFL team (I realize the underlying reason for which team and why) but again it would have been an opportunity to show support to a women's team, how about Cal Berkeley softball, or a WNBA team?

just seems more example of do what I say, but not what I do. sorry if this got too political, but I did attempt to put it in "sideline"