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Thread: 2016 NO Bowl Ticket Sales?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Buds View Post
    They totally blew that call...I was just saying it hit his wrist.
    I agree. Did anyone catch what the announcers were saying about it on TV?

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    Default Re: Ticket Sales?

    Quote Originally Posted by GreatestStory View Post
    I think we got a big call right before half when they tried to spike the ball with 1 second left so they could attempt a field goal, but the refs overturned it and called halftime.

    What was crazy about that play was the sequence of events:

    1) Southern Miss spikes the ball with one second left
    2) Southern Miss field goal unit come on the field
    3) Hud calls a timeout
    4) Southern Miss field goal unit come back on the field
    5) Hud calls a second timeout
    6) the refs now say they reviewed the play, no time is left on the clock and the Cajuns will not be charged the second time out

    Why was the game clock not reviewed during the first timeout?
    What if we would have never called the second timeout?
    Anyone else found that sequence of events strange?
    That was crazy. It didnt matter in the end but it could have. On a close call like that especially if it might mean points to a team, the refs have to be better than that. 2 TOs before they reviewed it? Imagine if we didnt have the TOs, they kicked a FG and we lost by 3. I know refs make mistakes but come on man. Thats bush league.

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