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Thread: Even Donald say's "Geaux UL"

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    Ragin' Cajuns Even Donald say's "Geaux UL"

    I'm not a fan, but at least Donald knows our name.....

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    Default Re: Even Donald say's "Geaux UL"

    Quote Originally Posted by cajunhawk View Post
    President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. We are on the brink of ruin.
    I am wildly popular and say all the things you want to hear, but I won't tell you how I will do it, while calling my opponents names like a third grader and I was on a successful TV show and I have a paper university and a ton of buildings with my name on them and I have a hot wife and a few jets and I want to be your next president of the next United States of America...and Geaux Cajuns!"

    People actually voted for him and believe him. Hannity and the media love him because he is a "sound bite a minute" and he is news. He is smart in that respect. He will probably get the nom and lose to Hillary and we get 4 more years of liberal BS (unless Hillary goes to jail...right). They they will insert "liberal" here.

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    Default Re: Even Donald say's "Geaux UL"

    I'm just amazed that the two front runners for the highest office in the land are two of the most odious people around. Their approval ratings are below 50% while their disapproval ratings are above 50%. How is this even possible? Is our system that broken that the best we have to choose from is a narcissist that has the signs of Early Onset Dementia and another narcissist that may be indicted during the general or in her first year in office for what amounts to treason?

    hawk-Doesnt Jesse believe that aliens are in charge of the government or that they have underground bases or something?

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