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Thread: RCAF's Harris: 'It's gonna have to get painful'

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    Support RCAF's Harris: 'It's gonna have to get painful'

    Getting where UL wants to go will take everyone doing their part, new RCAF chief Jim Harris suggests

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    Default Re: RCAF's Harris: 'It's gonna have to get painful'

    Several years back, I won one of these road trips for me and my wife in a KPEL AM (now ESPN 1420) for myself and my wife top the Middle Tennessee games. It was like an "Ultimate Cajun Fan" type contest. Even if you paid for the fly out road trips it was only like 800-1000 bucks. Great that they have donors now that will do this. I still have the media press box that pass Jay gave me. (I never went to the press box though)

    "For UL this year, that means changes like a booster having to donate $20,000 instead of $10,000 in order to fly on the team charter plane and stay at the team hotel for a football trip a change also made, it should be noted, because there was not enough inventory to accommodate all of the $10,000 donors."

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    After last years failure, and since I work in the Oilfield, I will think twice about this until I am sure the product is not just hype

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