This is my Daughter-in-Law. She takes care of all my financials. As you can see she can do it all. If you need her assistance please let me can message me.

Hi Friends and Family,

Since I lost my job 5 weeks ago I am trying to build up my company Babin Accounting, a sole proprietorship I opened in 1988.
I am looking for small businesses or individuals who could use my service. I have over 20 years experience in accounting. Services offered range from a bank reconciliation to monthly Financial Statements to tax returns.
I am experienced in regulatory filings i.e. sales tax return and payroll tax returns. If you need someone to do invoicing and collections, I can do that. If you are a 1099 employee and want me to calculate a tax estimate for you quarterly or even to keep up with your 1099 expenses. If you are just starting out and need help registering with the various agencies one has to register with I can help. I have an office in my home and can do it here or go to your office.
I am looking at an opportunity to expand this business so if you wouldn't mind passing the word around. Accounting is a sensitive subject and you can be rest assured I have the upmost morals and values, my dedication to accounting prohibits me from discussing your information. I am open to doing your accounting on a regular basis or just need help handling a particular item. Please inbox me and the couple of friends on here who I have done your accounting if you could vouch for my skills and discretion. Thank you