The University of Louisiana has one of the best master's in health administration degrees in the United States, a new report shows.

Public Health Online has ranked UL's MBA with a concentration in health care administration as No. 43 for 2015-16.

It noted that UL's program is delivered through evening courses to accommodate the schedules of professionals who are already working in the health care field.

The program's curriculum integrates total quality management concepts, ethical considerations, international dimensions, and technological applications, as well as involvement with the business community.

Public Health Online evaluated only four-year degree-granting institutions. It considered:

_ in-state tuition,

_ the number of concentrations and programs available in the subject,

_ academic and career counseling services,

_job placement services for graduates, and

_its own "peer-based value."

That peer-based value is described on Public Health Online's website as a metric that "compares the quality score of a program to the scores of other programs with similar costs. In turn, it also compares the cost of a program to the costs of others with similar quality scores. In short, PBV illustrates the cost/quality value of an online MPH program."

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